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Azizem Tekstil Ltd. Company for Lingerie and Underwear Accessories

Who we are:
Since 1991, we supply full range of underwear / lingerie accessories for lingerie manufacturers that serve multinational chains like H&M, C&A, etc. with their high quality and high service standards.

Our wide production range covers all accessories necessary for lingerie companies;

• Narrow weaved and knitted elastic band,
• Jacquard elastic band for men underwear,
• Bra cup, bra underwire, bra wire case, hook and eyes for bra,
• Laces for lingerie
• Siliconed elastic for wide range of accessories including corsetry.

Our customer benefits from;

• High quality raw material usage from global brands (Invista, DyStar, Dow Corning)
• Almost zero defect thanks to our quality certificates and our testing lab,
• Production range of different accessories which can be supplied all together,
• Fully integrated production cycles to process the raw materials needed from start to finishing,
• On time delivery thanks to our latest technology machine range (Muller, Comez, Mageba ) and our production team over 140 employees
• Our ethical and responsible codes; high labor standards, proper health and safety conditions, environmental processes
• Continuous investment for Research and development for newly requested articles.

Our Quality Certificates: